Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Mother is a bit of a mess too.

I received this email today, Gypsy is moms 12 pound miniture pincer: 

"I turned Gypsy out at 4AM this morning.  She hit the yard in full hunting motion, which worried me because that means something is really close by.  I stood there calling her back to the house.  To which she turned a deaf ear.
Then I see her with something white in her mouth heading toward me at a strange trot.  

When she got close to me I bent down, ready to stop her and remove whatever from her mouth.  I reached down and touched her.  The hair was wet and bristly, and the body very hard.  When I touched it, it turned around and faced me and growled one small growl.  It was a possum!  At first I thought it was going into the breeze way, then it headed on to the north fence and disappeared.  

The real Gypsy showed up a few seconds later and ran to the north fence and bushes to see what was there.  Nothing.  So she finally came back to me and we went in, where I washed my hands."

Monday, August 29, 2016

Job Hunting

Would it be wise to deliver papers for a little bit or would I be better off as a snake oil salesmen?